Soporte DivX
Año de producción 1964
Certificación PG (USA)
Género Comedy
Nacionalidad UK
Título Alternativo Teléfono Rojo, Volamos Hacia Moscú
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Actor/actriz Papel
Sellers, Peter Group Captain (G/C) Lionel Mandrake/President Merkin Muffley/Dr. Strangelove
Scott, George C. Gen. 'Buck' Turgidson
Hayden, Sterling Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper
Wynn, Keenan Col. 'Bat' Guano
Pickens, Slim Maj. T.J. 'King' Kong
Bull, Peter Russian Ambassador Alexi de Sadesky
Jones, James Earl Lt. Lothar Zogg
Reed, Tracy Miss Scott
Creley, Jack Mr. Staines
Berry, Frank Lt. H.R. Dietrich
O'Neil, Robert Adm. Randolph
Beck, Glenn Lt. W.D. Kivel (as Glen Beck)
Stephens, Roy Frank
Rimmer, Shane Capt. G.A. 'Ace' Owens
Galili, Hal Burpelson AFB Defense Team member
Tamarin, Paul Lt. B. Goldberg
Herder, Laurence Burpelson AFB Defense Team member
Tanner, Gordon Gen. Faceman
McCarthy, John Burpelson AFB Defense Team member
Otras personas
Director Kubrick, Stanley
Escritor George, Peter; Kubrick, Stanley
Pistas de idioma English; Russian
Idiomas de los subtítulos
Pistas de audio Mono
Duración 5
Modo de color

U.S. Air Force General Jack Ripper goes completely and utterly mad, and sends his bomber wing to destroy the U.S.S.R. He suspects that the communists are conspiring to pollute the "precious bodily fluids" of the American people. The U.S. president meets with his advisors, where the Soviet ambassador tells him that if the U.S.S.R. is hit by nuclear weapons, it will trigger a "Doomsday Machine" which will destroy all plant and animal life on Earth. Peter Sellers portrays the three men who might avert this tragedy: British Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, the only person with access to the demented Gen. Ripper; U.S. President Merkin Muffley, whose best attempts to divert disaster depend on placating a drunken Soviet Premier and the former Nazi genius Dr. Strangelove, who concludes that "such a device would not be a practical deterrent for reasons which at this moment must be all too obvious". Will the bombers be stopped in time, or will General Jack Ripper succeed in destroying the world ?

Written by
Colin Tinto {}

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