Soporte DivX
Año de producción 1978
Certificación R (USA)
Género Action; Horror; Drama
Nacionalidad Italy; USA
Título Alternativo El Amanecer de Los Muertos
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Actor/actriz Papel
Emge, David Stephen
Foree, Ken Peter
Reiniger, Scott H. Roger
Ross, Gaylen Francine
Crawford, David Dr. Foster
Early, David Mr. Berman
France, Richard Dr. Milliard Rausch, Scientist
Smith, Howard TV Commentator
Dietrich, Daniel Givens
Baker, Fred Police Commander
Baffico, James A. Wooley (as Jim Baffico)
Stouffer, Rod Roy Tucker, Young Officer on Roof
Gre, Jesse Del Old Priest
McKinnon, Clayton Officer in Apartment Project
Rice, John Officer in Apartment Project
Bank, Ted Officer at Police Dock
McCloskey, Patrick Officer at Police Dock
Kovitz, Randy Officer at Police Dock
Pilato, Joseph Officer at Police Dock
Buba, Pasquale Motorcycle Raider with tommy gun
Savini, Tom Blades
Buba, Tony Motorcycle Raider wearing sombrero
Schiff, Marty Motorcycle Raider - Blades' sidekick
Shelby, Joe Motorcycle Raider - Van driver #1/Martinez, bandit leader
Hawkins, Dave Motorcycle Raider
Stavrakis, Taso N. Motorcycle Raider - Sledge/Various Zombies (as Taso Stavrakos)
Kapusta, Tom Motorcycle Raider with seltzer bottle
Tallo, Nick Motorcycle Raider
Ricci, Rudy Motorcycle Raider, radio operator
Vaira, Larry Motorcycle Raider
Ceccatti, Sharon Lead Zombie (nurse)
Chatfield, Pam Lead Zombie
Christopher, Mike Lead Zombie
Hill, Clayton Lead Zombie wearing white sweater
Stover, Jay Zombie with M-16 rifle
Amplas, John 1st Bandit to be shot on rooftop (uncredited)
Bartholomew, Dave Zombie (uncredited)
Forrest, Christine TV Producer (uncredited)
Forrest, Cliff Man at WGON - TV ("You all right?") (uncredited)
Forrest, Jr., J. Clifford Featured elderly zombie (uncredited)
Frumkes, Roy 1st Pie-In-Face Zombie (uncredited)
Harrison, John Screwdriver Zombie (uncredited)
Jefferies, Jeannie Blond Zombie who attacks Roger in truck (uncredited)
Krut, Jim Helicopter Zombie (uncredited)
Lafitte, Tommy Zombie - Miguel (uncredited)
Lapiduss, Maxine Zombie (uncredited)
Lies, Lenny Machete Zombie (uncredited)
McCloskey, Molly Woman at WGON - TV ("My turn for the coat.") (uncredited)
Raphael, Sukey Zombie (uncredited)
Romero, George A. TV Director (uncredited)
Savini, Donna Zombie girl in airport chart house (uncredited)
Savini, Mike Zombie boy in airport chart house (uncredited)
Shook, Warner Maintenance Man Zombie who attacks Stephen in mall basement (uncredited)
Williams, Robert Soldier in Apartment Project (uncredited)
Otras personas
Director Romero, George A.
Escritor Romero, George A.
Pistas de idioma English
Idiomas de los subtítulos Spanish
Pistas de audio 4-Track Stereo; Mono
Duración 126
Modo de color Color

Following an epidemic of zombies two Philadelphia SWAT team members, a traffic reporter and his girlfriend seek refuge in a secluded shopping mall.

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Movies #4

  • Argentina:13
  • Australia:R
  • Canada:R
  • Chile:14
  • Denmark:15
  • Denmark:16
  • Finland:K-18
  • France:-16
  • France:X
  • Hong Kong:III
  • Ireland:18
  • Italy:VM14
  • Japan:R-15
  • Netherlands:16
  • New Zealand:R16
  • Norway:(Banned)
  • Norway:18
  • South Korea:18
  • Spain:18
  • Sweden:15
  • UK:18
  • UK:X
  • USA:Open
  • USA:R
  • West Germany:(Banned)
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