Soporte DivX
Año de producción 1995
Certificación R (USA)
Género Biography; Crime; Drama; Sport; IMDb Biography Section
Nacionalidad USA; IMDb USA Section
Título Alternativo Diario de Un Rebelde
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Valoración IMDB 6 stars
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Actor/actriz Papel
DiCaprio, Leonardo Jim Carroll
Bracco, Lorraine Jim's Mother
Sokol, Marilyn Chanting Woman
Madio, James Pedro
McGaw, Patrick Neutron
Wahlberg, Mark Mickey
Cooper, Roy Father McNulty
Kirby, Bruno Swifty
Papiris, Jimmy Iggy
Gaetani, Nick Referee
Chaplin, Alexander Bobo
Jorgensen, Ben Tommy
Mostel, Josh Counterman
Lewis, Juliette Diane Moody
Imperioli, Michael Bobby
Ashley, Akiko Stripper
Hudson, Ernie Reggie
Alfaro, Manny Manny
Daniel, Cynthia Winkie
Daniel, Brittany Blinkie
Betts, Eric Drug Dealer #1 (as Eric Betts)
Korbin, Joyce R. Mugging Victim
Heyman, Barton Confessional Priest
Barth, Lawrence Referee #2
Iorio, Gary Policeman
Otras personas
Director Kalvert, Scott
Escritor Carroll, Jim; Goluboff, Bryan
Pistas de idioma English
Idiomas de los subtítulos
Pistas de audio Dolby Digital; DTS
Duración 102
Modo de color Color

Film adaptation of street tough Jim Carroll's epistle about his kaleidoscopic free fall into the harrowing world of drug addiction. As a member of a seemingly unbeatable high school basketball squad, Jim's life centers around the basketball court and the court becomes a metaphor for the world in his mind. A best friend who is dying of leukemia, a coach ("Swifty") who takes unacceptable liberties with the boys on his team, teenage sexual angst, and an unhealthy appetite for heroin -- all of these begin to encroach on young Jim's dream of becoming a basketball star. Soon, the dark streets of New York become a refuge from his mother's mounting concern for her son. He can't go home and his only escape from the reality of the streets is heroin for which he steals, robs and prostitutes himself. Only with the help of Reggie, an older neighborhood friend with whom Jim "picked up a game" now and then, is he able to begin the long journey back to sanity. Written by Mark Fleetwood {}

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  • Canada:13+
  • Australia:MA
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  • Singapore:M18
  • Australia:R
  • Germany:12
  • Norway:15
  • Singapore:R(A)
  • South Korea:(Banned)
  • South Korea:18
  • Spain:13
  • Sweden:15
  • UK:18
  • USA:R
  • Iceland:16
Títulos alternativos
  • Basketball Diaries (France)
  • Diário de Um Adolescente (Brazil)
  • Diario de Un Rebelde (Spain)
  • Egy Kosaras Naplója (Hungary)
  • Grito de Revolta (Portugal)
  • Jim Carroll - In Den Straßen von New York (Germany)
  • Kosarkarjev Dnevnik (Slovenia)
  • New Yorkin Kadut (Finland)
  • På Driven I New York (Sweden)
  • Ritorno Dal Nulla (Italy)
  • Telos Tis Athootitas, To (Greece)
  • The Streets of New York (Denmark)
  • Yoman Neurim (Israel: Hebrew Title)
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