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The UNIX way

Hora y Fecha: Enero 24, 2008 @ 12:12 pm Autor: Moisés Maciá

Un hacker de pura cepa; de los de barba hasta mitad del pecho, teclado mecánico IBM de la era soviética como default input y C como lengua materna, busca pareja para perpetuar la especie y educar a sus hijos a la manera UNIX:

Because there are fewer and fewer of us, I must help keep our lineage alive. I am looking for someone to help me do this. I need a woman (obviously) who is willing to raise a child with me in the method of Unix. Our child will be introduced to computers at a young age, and will be setting emacs mode before any other child can even read. I earn a sufficient income to support a family in modest comfort. Other than the fact our child will be bright, text-based and sarcastic, we will otherwise be a normal family. We will even go to Disney World and see Mickey Mouse.

Esta relación esta abocada al fracaso, quiere poner al chiquillo en modo emacs.

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